The autumn blaze has finaly arrived and how wonderful it is.  A great time of year to come to the Highlands.  The roads and venues are quieter.  There is plenty of snow on the hills.


The leaves are changing but much later this year.  Lots of Juniper berries and apples still around but because it has been so dry lately not many mushrooms. 

Still no sign of Nessie (thank goodness)



I passed my tour guiding exam and am now a member of HOSTGA.  Have a look at their website. There has been alot of storms down south but we have missed them.

Lots of blackerberries, raspberries, blaeberries and rosehips everywhere.  Food for free!  I have just made 30 jars of Rowan Jelly.  I love it...


Was very busy on the road and with the cruise ships.  I have on many occasions either been to the ports of Invergordon, Scrabster, Ullapool and Portree.  Always a long day but always a wonderful one meeting new people and showing them around.  The coach drivers are amazing too and we all have had a great August.

End July

Everywhere is so busy.  Lots of cars on the road.  The Highland Games are in full swing in many areas.  Music festivals have started along with raising money for charity events.  AND the weather has been amazing!       

End June

Dam the midges!  

I'm away doing some up to date driver training.  Looking to finish the advanced driving course shortly.   Have been busy on the road with Americans and Indians.  I some venues would open sooner for early visitors.  eg Cawdor Castle!  Must have a word with Angelika next time I see her!


Back from Switzerland sorting out business there and catching up with some friends.  Summer season has begun and I am now out entertaining some wonderful guests.  How I love it!


Snow is sort of melting and weather is still a bit wild.  Such beautiful spring flowers coming everywhere.  Property renovations are under way and going strong.

End Jan

Snow melting fast down the river Spey - let hope more will come later this week.  The Husky Rally has been a great success with lots of snow.  Some of the later races were persponed due to too much ice around but more racing tomorrow.

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